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CNAME User Custom Domains To Bubble - Webinar Replay available

Hi all,

We had a great webinar yesterday with a good number of attendees who learnt how to configure Bubble and another service to allow your users to connect their own domain quickly using CNAME to your Bubble app. This is great for SaaS, whitelabel Bubble apps or any kind of app that needs to let it’s users connect their own domains for branding etc.

I have the replay ready for those who couldn’t attend. If you’d like a copy, please drop a comment. To be fair to those that attended, the full replay and supporting content is charged at the ticket price of £50.



I’m looking for ways to let users connect a custom domain to their profile within my app.

For example, currently the address of their profile is, and I want to give them the option to connect their own domain so it would be or whatever domain they own.

I want to give every user the ability to do that.

Does this video cover how to do that?

Hi @louis.pereira23 ,

Thanks for reaching out!

The answer is yes :slight_smile: Your users can CNAME their domain (whether that is the root domain or a subdomain) to your app and then render the app via their own domain!

Would you like me to create an invoice for you and then send over the video?


Hi Reece,

Is new webinar expedient? Or everything is still the same and video is enough?

Everything remains the same :slight_smile:

Would you like to buy a copy?

Will do when my SaaS journey is closer to the release )

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