Coaching or Micro-Project Opportunity: Pause & Resume Stripe Subscription

I need to add an API call through Bubble’s API connector to pause and resume Stripe subscriptions in our marketplace.

Happy to do this through coaching or a micro-consulting project.

Any takers?

The rest of your Stripe integration is through Bubble’s API connector as well, is safe to assume? I know how to do this using the Stripe.js 2 plugin but don’t have a quick solution through the API connector.

Thanks for reaching out @joemanier. Our Stripe integration is a patchwork of Stripe.js 2 calls and our own connector calls where we’re doing things Stripe.js 2 doesn’t offer. This is a call to pause a subscription, which was added by Stripe in 2020 and isn’t included as an available action in Stripe.js 2.

Hi Brian,

Customer connector calls are out of my wheelhouse I’m sorry to say. I’ve got a good handle of the Stripe.js 2 plugin and its idiosyncrasies but that’s about it. Good luck.


I’d take a stab at that if you wanna chat later this week!I’ve not done it but it doesn’t look difficult. :slight_smile:

Hi @brian ,

Happy to go on call and show you how can you implement Stripe subscription pause and resume.

Here you can book the call- Ankur Khandelwal | Turn Your Idea into MVP using No-Code Tools