CoAlias - Facebook links not working

Hi, Im using coalias to whitelabel my app for different partners. Its all workjing fine and im using it to pass a url parameter to bubble which we then use to refer to so we can display partners branding and content dynamically.

but when we then post the url on facebook, when clicking the link/advert it fails to load the link/page. I think its because facebook adds its own parameters.

the url is

but facebook tried to push user to Travel eSIM - The Best eSIM For International Travel which then fails.

Is there a way of fixing this either within bubble or coalias? (or my domain supplier godaddy)

Already on it and also recorded a loom to solve it!


I just want to take a moment to say thankyou to coalias and gaimed for what is possibly the best support ive ever had from a platform provider. He setup a zoom call, showed me a completely different and more efficient way of handling my url parameters so that it worked more efficiently and didnt conflict with site-applied url parameters (such as facebooks). He even recorded it and sent me a video so I don’t forget how to do it.

My site urls are now loading fine without any issues & i have learned something which will be beneficial to the future development of my app(s).

Cannot recommend these guys highly enough!


You are so kind. Thanks!!