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@natedogg I wanted to put this out there in case other users shared my sentiments… I’ve purchased a couple of your courses , and although they’re generally helpful, you can be somewhat vague in your explanations. Several times I’ve gone through a lesson in an attempt to duplicate something you’ve done and all I come away with is you telling me “it’s fairly simple” and hovering your cursor over the screen. For future lessons, please treat us like the dummies we are.

Hey @binzoh.local,

Sorry to hear that some of the parts were too vague for you.

I definitely understand that everyone has different learning styles, and that’s mostly the reason why I offer hands-on help with any parts that you may be struggling with.

If there’s ever a part that you’re having trouble with, just send a chat message using the widget on the bottom right of the course. I generally respond within 24-48 hours, and I usually spend a little chunk of each weekday answering any questions that are sent my way.

Definitely want to make sure that you’re successful in your endeavors! :grin:


Thanks for the response Nate! I hope I didn’t come off too negative, I look forward to buying more in the future.

No offense taken at all!

If anything, the feedback is greatly appreciated! If there’s something I can do better, I want to hear it! :grin:

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