Codeless is Down

Hey @natedogg! Looks like the Codeless TestFlight site has been down for over 24 hours… any chance you could reset it for paying users?


FYI… I know nothing about this post or about Codeless TestFlight, but I do know that natedogg hasn’t been seen in the forum for about a year. So, if something is down and you are relying on natedogg seeing your post in order to get that something running again, I think you might need to go another route (whatever that route may be).



@anon73789258 His website has a contact email:


yep, already emailed as well. appreciate the heads up though

yep! already emailed there and no response so figured we’d give this a shot

update: its back up. thanks codeless! might be nice to set a recurring remind to refresh every 90 days and/or ship a twitter account with down notices :purple_heart:

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