CodelessNative - Mobius and Nebula template support

This is the support & request thread for the Powerful Native & PWA Template!


Ask questions and stay updated on new content and features :slight_smile:


So far it has a basic set of components, but more will come.

Test it here: Mobile APP & PWA Starter-Kit Template | Bubble
Make sure to add it to you home screen in Safari for the full experience

Let me know what you think and if you have suggestions and feature requests then make sure to add them below!



After a lot of iterations and a BIG makeover, we are very happy to announce that you can now change theme colors in the template!

Taking mobile development in Bubble to a whole new level!

Less stuff: We have also made the UX a lot smoother, moving subscriptions, about, terms etc. to the context menu.

Better elements: The map and galleries is also improved with image upload and a better fullscreen viewer.

Smoother experience: We have added subtill slide effects to the screens

Enjoy, and remember that buying a license include all the future additions and improvements :slight_smile:



Now with autoloading Mobile Preview page…


Also added basic native features:

Documentstion beeing added atm…




Now with collapsible groups (eg. FAQ), social icons and badges and gallery filters and favorites…






Now with gallery upload and new context menu functions
Screenshot 2022-10-11 143846

Screenshot 2022-10-11 143934



Now with automatic dark theme detection on load to auto choose theme… (can be disabled)


… and full responsive landscape mode. In addition to contrast color for gradient effect and a better looking profile with password and mail moved to the context menu.

image592×1280 382 KB



And yet another round of improvements…

  1. Profile now include description text
  2. The mobile previewer has a more minimal mock up
  3. Discreet effects added to view transitions
  4. Better menu buttons
  5. Improved loading screens
  6. And a clan up of elements and workflows, keeping things to the bare minimum :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think need to be in the template to make app development as easy as possible for you.


Also custom color theme, where the user can select his own colors…
The colors themes are in a data table, and easy to manage!




All workflows are now named and sorted in folders using best practices for better overview.

They are also colored depending on how they are used. Eg. blue for a user action and grey for passive actions like showing the loading screen when the user profile picture is uploading.


Language selection added… translating…




Introducing landscape mode in the mobile app previewer. Hit the button to test it. Remember you can add the parameter “URL” to test your own app…


Screenshot 2022-10-26 181842



Introducing super smooth video backgrounds on pages! Autoloads on mobile browsers.


Also excited to show the new

Shop: Digital assets - A page where you can sell anything from photos, masterclass videos to in-game items.

The user is charged instantly using the Stripe Checkout and the item is available for download.

The page is very easy to modify to whatever you want to sell.




Happy to tell that the template is now fully multilingual with dynamic texts on all elements!

I have finished translating it to Spanish! It’s a bit rusty, so had help from Google Translate so I hope you can forgive the funny phrases :slight_smile:

They are easy to correct in the languages tab.

Also, the template have been getting a serious round of UI and UX fine tuning adding a minimal theme, better galleries and more UX elements.

And, the menu and header reusable elements are now replaced with floating groups, making the template much faster and workflows simper.

Remember to write the things you would like added here :pray::+1:t2:




Me alegra saber que la plantilla no es completamente multilingüe con textos dinámicos en todos los elementos!
¡He terminado de traducirlo al español! Está un poco oxidado, así que tuve la ayuda de Google Translate, así que espero que puedas perdonar las frases graciosas :slight_smile:
Son fáciles de corregir en la pestaña de idiomas.




Now with improved menus and colors.


And … Video feed with dynamic content introduced. Including audio and image slides.



Also, post your own media to the feed!




We are happy to present release 7 of the Powerful Native & PWA Template !

The version number is bumped up, as it now co-features a solid Manifest, Service Worker and Offline fallback page. This makes it a lot easier to submit to the native stores as a PWA!

As Bubble does not allow files hosted in the root directory to be copied over in temples yet (we are pushing them as much as we can to add the feature), we have added a guide to the documentation and the files can be downloaded here:

Download the manifest: manifest.json
Download the service worker: sw.js
Download the offline fallback page: offline.html

Try it on Google Play and the Microsoft Store. It’s not on iOS App Store yet as Apple requires it to be more than an example / template. We will add an iOS App Store example of a commercial app build on top of the template once it is launched after Christmas.

Template improvements

  • UX & UI Elements are now packed into accordions for easier overview
  • States further reduced leaving only the necessary
  • Improved profile page
  • Moved the Custom Audio Player element from the feed to the PLUGINS group for faster slide load and smoother scrolling

Introducing the new elements and predesigned pages

  • Vertical dynamic element slider
  • Horizontal multiple choice with images

(A should be B, and B should be A :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

Explaining states

Along with additional guides, we have added a section to the template documentation (Codeless Native / Nativekit) explaining how states are used and how different views and displayed. In short, the state “Page” on INDEX controls:

  • 1 is Feed, 2 is Predesigned pages, 3 is Elements and so on…
  • 0 is empty and used for the onboarding and login screens
  • 10 is empty and used for pages, showing the “X” button in the HEADER

A decent mark-up over hard code native development

If you are a developer or agency making native apps for others, using Bubble and this template will give you a considerable hours spent advantage compared to conventional hard-code app development.

With 50-100 hours saved from the template, mock-ups made directly in Bubble instead of Figma / Sketch, faster iteration speed, more stable apps and easier bug-fixing with Bubble, you can get a 1.5x - 3x higher mark-up. Think about that for a second.

But please do not charge less for equal or better quality apps compared to hard code developers. It will undermine the industry. (1) (1) (2)


A lot of improvement’s this month, here is the list of changes:

Paid plugin replaced with free
The plugin Repeating Group Visibility Detector is now replace with the free plugin Visibility Detector reducing the monthly plug-in price of the entire template to 2 USD.

Whitelabel mobile previewer
When you preview an app based on the template, the previewer comes without any “Codeless Native” branding. It’s perfect for showcasing it to desktop users or present you development progress to your client. Also, taking great screenshots of your web app has never been easier.

Improved UX, look and feel
We have made several improvements to the login screens, onboarding flow, context menu, messaging view and predesigned pages. To mention a few things:

  • Added animated feed progress dots
  • Onboarding screens are now a repeating group for much a much smoother experience
  • Button, icon and input press effects everywhere
  • Consistent shadows of 0,10,40,-10px throughout
  • New charcoal, light and brown colour themes
  • Larger text font size and better text readability
  • Slide up screens for sign in, create account, new message etc…

Journal & Daily Log
A new predesigned pages that enables users to write journal entries in a vertical timeline with a smooth layout and deletable and editable entires.

New content

  • Terms screen added to login screen
  • Reset password screen added






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A couple of improvements to the Mobius Mobile & PWA Template this week.

  1. Added full vector logo - easy to modify - and placeholder for your own raster logo. Also, additional look and feel improvements to the sign in screen.

  2. A UX overhaul of the “Add new” screen to the home feed. It now has tabs and much better input UI making it a better base for your own screens and the overall look and feel.

  3. Added some initial BDK workflows. Having them pre-installed and pre-tested will make it easier to wrap your app and publish it to the stores. Many more to come!

  4. Renamed to “Mobius Mobile & PWA Template

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My screen is black in live mode, on mobile and desktop ? With this Theme , a have my own custom domain

Hi neighbor (@tradspecialisterna)

My guess is that you haven’t copied your data from you version-test to your live version - Specifically the onboarding data. The onboarding screen’s background color is black which is probably what you are seeing without it.

Go to your data tab and choose app data, then copy and restore database

Hi :wave:! No a have not copy o something with the data. Is it maybe something a have miss with change the url ?in the workflows A don’t now … can not find it … my scary is totally black :sweat_smile: need to fix this do a have done a lot of work here!

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:slight_smile: Did you get the data copied over? Works?

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Yes , it works now :slight_smile:

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Some additions and improvements to the Mobius Mobile & PWA Template this week.

  1. Added the new predesigned page: Calendar date selector which allows you to choose a date from a range of available days in a calendar layout.

  2. Improved element structure and simplicity by collecting VIEWS and PAGES in single groups making it easier to see what is where in the elements tree.

  3. Improved onboarding with swipe-to-hide and scroll animations when clicking the next button for an even smoother experience.


image (1)

Based on the Mobius - Mobile & PWA Template, the iOS app: Mentaltræning PRO (danish) was released today as the successor to the 12 years Old hardcoded version - A popular mental training and meditation app with more 100.000+ downloads and 10.000+ paying users.

Test it out in the app stores: Apple App Store, Google Play.



We added updates to the welcome, log in and create account screens in the Mobius - Mobile & PWA Template this week. The screens are now on level - functionality and UX wise - with most mobile log in screens.

  1. The welcome screen now have social login icons and workflows. Just add your personal API keys to the plug- ins to enable them.

  2. The log in screen now have a bg image and conditional logic disabling the log in button when the input fields are empty.

  3. The create account screen now also have a bg image and conditional logic in addition to an opt -in check box for accepting the app terms and privacy policy.




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Hello @login, when an app is published on an App Store, the store handles payment and customer subscription management. I’m trying to understand how to integrate this data into Bubble using the Mobius Template. My question is: Does the Mobius Template include all necessary workflows, APIs, data types, and app data for seamless integration with the App Store’s payment and subscription data?

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Hi Elena

Relevant question.

I have not setup actual payment workflows in the template, but prepared it for subscriptions by adding a submenu to the context menu and a field on the user representing the subscription type. Very simple.

The reason for not setting up the payment flows is that they very a lot from individual use cases, but I have added to the top of my list of things to add!

User variable:

If you use BDK to wrap the app to the stores (recommended as they provide the best wrapper, plug-ins and charges a one-time fee), then add the BN purchase workflow to where ever you want it. See example in the context menu:

Create a iOS Developer account and get you KEY from there and add your products to get a product code for the individual purchases. Its a good idea to save the payment receipt in your database. The BDK have support articles and documentation on this: BDK Native Plugin Documentation (

Thank you for your answer, it really helps!

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Now I have been working on a project for a long time. Felt ready and followed all the directions. As well as also bought BDK native and done everything now that the App is approved by the Appstore, Fullscreen disappear ? in the app what is this ?

Hi @tradspecialisterna

Cool, well done getting it approved and published. I am not sure exactly what you mean, but send me a link to the store listing and I can have a look at it.

Are you testing it in BDK preflight?

The BDK wrapper have a top notch area which’s color can changed, but not removed or set set the alpha on yet. I know that Gaurav from the BDK is working on this. Is this what you are referring to?

It will be completely full screen if you wrap yourself with

Till the fix is implemented in BDK we have to do with the top area.

Alternatively the CSS may be the problem.

In test flight it was full screen and so nice… but when it publish on app store its gone… Now the heding is ther…

That’s the BDK header as described. It sucks that it can’t be removed yet. It’s part of the base jasonelle framework used by BDK. Again, it know he has it on his to do of features to be implemented.

What you can do is change the color using the BDK plugin and “BN change color…” element. Try it out, it may be a good idea on some of you pages that not black.

This trick to accommodate for it, is to add a buffer on the top of the page or margin to your content. Eg. The close button.

+1 @gaurav :v::relaxed: (he’s working overtime so be kind)

Hi all

We hope you are looking forward to Christmas! We are.
We will be updating the template before the holidays here in Denmark.

A couple of things to mention:

The Natively wrapper has come a long way and supports fullscreen view, advanced debugging as well as almost any possible feature needed on native devices for Bubble apps.

The team continues to update and improve the service which is by far the easiest to use. Eg. direct build submission to the app stores and easy testing in TestFlight and on Android.

We are confident in recommending it to anyone using or intending to use the Mobius Template and they are now recommending the template as a good place to start building from as well.

We have market tested it, and will be releasing new demo versions on TestFlight (App Store) and Google Play of the template to try on your own device.

We will also be releasing our own new app Roamio: Location-based audio stories anywhere, build on the template and using Natively before the end of January.

This means that 1. The template workflows are now updated, and 2. We will be implementing more workflows and native features the coming week. In this regard, make sure to PM suggestions and tips for fixes.


Make sure to check out examples on