Codition that works within 60 seconds

Having here this clicked element where related time is displayed.

How we can e.g. change a text of the element when Related time is within the first 60 seconds?

It looks like your current value might be a text. Instead, you could use a number, or you could use a date/time and then you could get the conditional to work how you want I believe.

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That is correct, the goal is to be able to write custom text, number or date in this element, only when Relative time is under 60 seconds.

How to achieve that state?

Can you explain more about what you mean by relative time? My instinct is that you’re going to need to use Current date/time in there.

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Good question Kevin! Thanks!

Let’s take this very message. There is a “Sent time”, when the message is created, i.e. posting time.

And let’s say we add a condition to button underneath this very message, blue “Reply” button.

What would be a solution for that particular button to be “not visible” for the first 60 seconds?

Here’s a potential solution:
Optional: Have a popup (that’s hidden and never exposed to users).
Make a group that is of type date/time with nothing visible exposed. When the message is sent, also send data to that group and that data is Current date/time.
Then, in the conditional make the button visible when that new group’s date/time<Current date/time-1 minute.

Try that and see if you get an issue!

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Thanks Kevin!

As Relative time is connected to Parent User’s Modified date, here is the condition, refresh rate is not perfect, but it is a big step for a human kind :slight_smile:

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