Codurly Development

Making development simple, efficient and affordable.

Hello Bubblers!

I am proud to show you guys Codurly! A new-age development company that utilizes Bubble for quick and efficient development.


One of our big goals in all of our projects is to design a beautiful UI for the app. In today’s market you must have a professional website and design to earn customers trust and attention. From wireframe to graphic prototype to final design, you can have a say in your design.


Our projects are built quickly and efficiently therefore you can have a fully functioning launch of your idea in just weeks! The workflow and incredible capability of Bubble allows the development time to be short and sweet, therefore the cost is significantly cheaper than traditional development, without the loss of quality.


  1. Have an awesome startup/app/website idea!
  2. Contact Codurly about getting a project started.
  3. Talk to your project manager (one person to talk you through and help with the development process).
  4. Get regular updates on the entire process (From Design to Launch)
  5. Launch your amazing idea!


Once you are launched you have two options:

  1. We hand over the project to you with complete control.
  2. We handle and manage your project post launch, you tell us something you want/need and we will handle it ASAP! This doesn’t mean you don’t get access to your project however! If at anytime you want to take over the reigns, we will hand over the proejct.


Since we are just launching we have heavy discounts on our development with the incredible quality and speed as a full priced development. This is so we can build our portfolio and thank you for choosing us at such an early stage!


Questions about Bubble, our process, or anything, we would love to talk! Feel free to PM us on the Bubble forum or get in contact on our website!

Thank you so much for reading!