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Cofounder for Telehealth Apps in Latam

I am entrepeneur working within the IT Industry for 27 years already, now as a Director of IT consulting for several industries in latinamerica.

I have started since 1 year ago a personal side project in the telehealth space. I did a super design on my own based on 3 apps (pacients, health providers and Admin Panel).

It is a marketplace to connect all types of health providers with pacients in latinamerica.

Health providers in latinamerica can be: Licensed Medics, Alternative Practioners, Medicine Deliverers (no need to negotiate with pharmacies), Care givers, laboratories, ambulances and others.

Health providers can define their own services to sell videoconsultations, chat consultations, home visits and office visits. They configure the consultation duration, objective and cost.

It will be a marketplace not only to develop the health sector in the population, but also as means to develop employment since all types of health services will be properly developed within the marketplace.

It will have face scan for rppg vital signs readings (API already constructed), EHR and many other attributes required in the latin community that has a unique way of seeing life and behaving.

It will be free for everyone, we make money based in a small % of commissions when the people decide to buy health services. If health providers provide free consultations, no problem, they can use it as much as they want.

We have offered it to several countries of latinamerica, to connect all the database of government doctors and the citizens with access to public health service.
Several countries already agree to get connected at a preliminary no cost scenario.

So we can get started with many millions of users at once. Plus many other paid attributes that governments are requiring (kiosks with the app at hospitals, connections to public health systems, interface with command centers for emergency, health training for citizens, etc)

I have my own money to build a bubble system and I know how to supervise the complete project. However I have started twice with freelancers (fiverr and upworks)- and I have cancelled the project after some months of seeing only crap;
why?- because there is so much lack of talent in the nocode industry, that has been very difficult for me to find the right group of people to build a sophisticated system like mine, since it is not the typical easy videoconferences health app.
I have the design done screen by screen, field by field, etc - and the guys cannot even focus and reproduce my screens., why?- because working in many projects provokes that freelancers dont concentrate properly. They place bricks and they dont see the whole cathedral.

I have decided that I need cofounders, an agency capable to invest several bubble developers full time to do the system in a couple of months (we can develop and release functionality by sprints).

The apps will be for 20 countries of latinamerica,
market: 600 million people.
Plus the Hispanic community in USA: another 40million people.
Languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese for Brazil.
HIPAA not automatically satisfied by Bubble?. No problem, we have some assets for that.
Paypal digital payment to bring by default 20million hispanic users.

So, if you are interested in cofounding with me, investing work as agency, lets talk.
If you are a solo developer, I dont believe this work can be done by a single person.

whatsapp: +52-55-2685-4846

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