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Collaboration not working

I am on the “Launch Plan” and trying to add a user who is on the “Free Plan”. The message appears that “this users email isn’t a Bubble user yet. Please have him or her sign up first”

He just signed up this afternoon. Do I have to wait? Does he have to be on the “Launch Plan” as well for me to add as my collaborator?

It should be instantaneous. Are you sure this is the same email? (no, he doesn’t have to be on the plan). If so, please email us with his email and we’ll look into it.

Email sent. FYI @emmanuel. My friend said he logged on via Google and not using an email/password.

He created a new "free’ account using another email and password and now everything works great.

So it seems an issue creating an account to Bubble using Google.

When he does that, he can’t logon to the forum using his google password. Any ideas?

NOTE: We are loving the collaboration tool! Very nice! Great Job! You can even see the mouse of the other person!

We’ll look into the Google aspect. The forum uses a different login anyway, so it’s not surprising it doesn’t work with his account. We’ll add Google Oauth to the forum soon.

Thanks. But it does work great with a regular email/password.

You must have done something. The Google account is working now. ;o)