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Collaborative PDF Viewer (Work In Progress)

Hey community,

I have been working on a collaborative pdf tool. I’ve created a little video demo if you are interested …
It should be available sometime in the coming weeks or month.

What’s cool about it:

  1. Measurement tools (measure distance, area, angles, etc …)
  2. Draw & annotate pdfs
  3. Go fullscreen
  4. Pan, roll and zoom on pdfs!


Let me know what you think. I’m open to an questions, comments and suggestions you may have. Leave em below!

This is based on an autodesk api!


Jonah, i’m at the point where I can’t wait to see what you’ll build next and instead of searching for plugins that will do what I want… I’m checking out your plugins to see what i’ll be able to add next to our app lol… Super impressionnant encore.


Thanks so much for the kind words! :kissing_closed_eyes:

Hi @jonah.deleseleuc

I just found this. Greatly needed. How’s this coming? Released yet?


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Hey :slight_smile: I made a ton of progress on this actually. However, it’s not a priority right now because there isn’t much demand for it. But it’s almost done !


What makes you think there isn’t much demand? :wink: I’ve been needing this ever since I signed up for bubble in ‘17.

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Good day Jonah,

Thank you for your work. I agree, there is a big demand for annotating pdfs and I am sure your plugin will be a hit!!

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Good evening Jonah,

Any progress on this?

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It’s still being worked on. I am making it so that when two people are working on it at the same time it doesn’t overwrite each other’s progress.