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Collage app: How to allow users to drag and resize elements in Bubble?

Hi Bubbe community!

Do you know how can we allow users to drag and resize elements in Bubble just like a collage app does?

My use case:

  1. Users will upload many Pictures (png or jpg)
  2. They will drag, resize, rearrange the pics

Is this possible in Bubble?

Since this thread is empty, I’ll offer my very limited knowledge.

In another thread some time ago, someone confirmed that building games is not possible in bubble. I’m unsure whether a collage app falls into this area, as dragging and dropping is pretty comparable in terms of functionality to a game.

People are constantly developing plugins that break through the limitations of bubble, so something may exist, I’m unsure.

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Have a look into the available plugins. Some suggestions to get you started:

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Thanks for the info. Yes. Hopefully we will see more such plugins

Thanks. I checking some of the ZQ’s plugins. Not finding any Out of the box solution for my needs. Will have to ask around.

Thanks for the valuable inputs

ZQ just released a drag & drop plugin yesterday which might be of interest to you. Not sure if it checks all the boxes, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

:arrow_right_hook: Drag & Drop to Reorder RG - New Plugin from Zeroqode - Showcase - Bubble Forum

Hey @ahanviv just seeing this post. I built a drawing and graphics plugin a couple of years ago that users have used to make collage and moodboard type apps. Full disclosure – this is a paid plugin but letting you know in case it’s helpful to you


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