Collapsing elements vertically on a left-hand menu. Possible?

Hi all –

I tried to find a solution to my challenge in the prior forum posts but didn’t see anyone working on this specifically in the past. Apologies in advance for the diagrams.

I have a page that consists of a repeating group (grid of squares) on the right.

On the left-hand side, I would like to have a menu which the user can utilize to filter the results of said repeating group, with each title collapsing into each element.

Text name
Dropdown of categories
Text name
Dropdown of types
Text name
Date Range Picker

To where when each is collapsed, it would be simply:
Text Name
Text Name
Text Name

With, of course, the right hand side remaining a significantly larger repeating group.

When I attempt to make the items on the filters collapsible, it doesn’t behave by itself – meaning, that since the repeating group goes from the top to the bottom of the page, it doesn’t seem to collapse, as the negotiable height it isn’t dictated by the height of the group the menu resides within, but that of the repeating group.

Can anyone confirm this is or isn’t possible?

I’m confused, you refer to two repeating groups and at the end start to just reference “repeating group”, so it’s hard to track.

If you are just looking to do an accordion menu on the left, but leave the right side repeating group alone, that is easy enough. It really depends on if you have static values in the menu, or dynamic ones. Either way it’s kinda the same thing, but there are extra steps if you want to populate a database to make a menu.

Basically all you need to do for a quick and dirty solution is to create a group under each subheading of your menu. Then make a workflow that when this menu link is clicked, it will toggle the group visible or not. Then on the menu group, ensure its not visible by default, and make sure it “collapses when hidden”.

There are different ways to do this, this is a quick one. I would also highly suggest checking out There are a lot of good courses which will teach you these exact things.


Hey, thanks for the response @troy.roberge I may have over-explained in order to be detailed, but yes, a left-hand accordion menu with a right hand repeating group.

I tried the solution you mentioned when I first ran into this challenge and it doesn’t work.

It seems that if the repeating group has a greater height (H) then the menu, the menu will not collapse.

Meaning, the collapse function is set to take into account all other elements that exist on the same plane horizontally.

Oh ya, you need to put the menu into a floating group.

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