Collectdoc- Client Document Collection Template

Hey Everyone!

We are glad to showcase our new template CollectDoc

Collect Doc is a digital platform designed for the collection of all types of documents and data. It is a space where you can save your documents for further processing.

Keeping our data and documents physically safe is such a delicate and demanding task in our hasty lifestyle. With Collect Doc, you can build a custom document collection system.

The documents and data are required at various working places for easy and absolute information of any individual.

  • Industries- instils confidence in the ongoing business; among investors and clients.
  • Hospitals
  • Mortgage business.
  • Companies.
  • Educational organisations as- Schools, Universities.
  • Overseas Travel.

Collectdoc is a platform consisting of 2 panels- Admin and Customer:

Admin Panel key features-

  • Can initiate requests for documentation.
  • Receive documents.
  • Can approve/reject the documents.
  • Can comment on document or data if found irrelevant.
  • Trigger the customized document.

User Panel key features-

  • Receive the document request via email.
  • Can submit the document.
  • Able to track submissions on a dashboard.
  • Can re-upload the updated document for re-approval.
  • Can raise queries concerning the type of documents required.

Collecting documents from clients, customers or employees is a tough task to do. Finding all sorts of data quickly is just like a vicious circle. Among all the correct information, one single missing data can put the whole process to a halt.

*Why worry if CollectDoc is here? Generate a professional and handy experience for everyone and get the requisite informations swiftly.

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