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Collection of apps built on bubble at Submit your app too to get exposure and feedback from others!

Hey fellow bubblers. I have created a simple website with a list of web and mobile apps created by users.
Submit your app and show everyone what you have built on bubble
Check it out here


This is awesome!!!


Great site @levon! It’s a little wide for my screen though. I’m getting a horizontal scroolbar. :slightly_smiling:

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Nice work my friend!


Is this app full width? Or is it a custom measurement?

I’ve set the width to 1474. Anyone has an idea of the optimal width for the screen so that most users see it without the scroll?

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’d recommend what Bubble defines as “full width”, meaning 1200px, as your max. Here’s a resource to help you decide.

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Thanks @Scott,
I’ve changed it to 1200 but had to sacrifice the Disqus plugin :slightly_smiling:


Hey everyone, just wanted to encourage you to submit the apps that you created at
Not only you will get more traffic to your web-site but also you will have a quality backlink pointing to it which is very good for SEO. And in addition to that, if you also mention your app in this thread you’d receive feedback from other bubblers about your awesome (or not so awesome) product :slightly_smiling:


I was wondering if anyone agrees that on it would be a good idea to have an option somewhere to discuss the websites posted in terms of the actual idea/business/growth of the site. At the end of the day we are all looking for the things we create on bubble(which is awesome) to be successful and having feedback and ideas, from the bubble community, in relation to the business/idea/growth, especially in the early stages, could be crucial to such success.

I understand that you could get feedback on the bubble forum however i dont think @emmanuel would want the forum to turn into a discussion about the non technical side of numerous apps.

Anyways just an idea.

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I don’t have issues with that. If that helps people be more successful with their apps it’s great. If it becomes too many posts we can always play with the categories and hide them from the homepage, etc.

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I also think that it would be great to have a discussion possibility on but I’m not sure what’s the best way to implement it in terms of UI/UX. Any ideas/suggestions?

Maybe have a discussion icon or button under each app and have it lead to a new page with a disqus comment section on it or maybe a discourse forum page but im not sure that is available in bubble.
(btw being able to a discourse forum to my own website would be great for user suggestions. hint hint @emmanuel :relieved:)

My guess is that it will make the UX a bit overloaded. I could alternatively leave only 2 apps per row and then add a disqus plugin on the right side of the screen. What do you think?
Maybe other ideas?

I think I need a :slightly_smiling:

Had been slowly building a “tinder for sports clubs” ( and then pitchero launch “Fixture Pool” :frowning:


Oops … bad luck with this one, but I’m sure you’ll have more ideas to implement on Bubble and then share with us :slightly_smiling:

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They have a massive userbase of existing clubs, I had an email list of local rugby clubs I arrange fixtures with. They were always going to win any marketing battle anyway :slightly_smiling:

Means it’s a good thing it happened now before you spent too much efforts and money on this project :slight_smile:

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I certainly failed fast and cheaply :slight_smile:

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