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Collection of apps built on bubble at Submit your app too to get exposure and feedback from others!

Check out new entries at

  1. Deyavu - the network that connects people based on what they love and recommend.
  2. TrekConnect - a San Francisco-based, global platform that lets travelers connect with local experts (Ambassadors) from destinations around the world.

So for now I have added the Disqus plugin at the bottom of the page below all the apps. Unless we come up with a better idea…

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Hey Bubblers! Any new apps been built and launched recently on Bubble? Don’t forget to show everyone what you have created at :slight_smile:

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Check out a new entry at
Bert - A sourcing platform for online gift store that allows its employees to create sourcing requests and accept proposals from different suppliers.

Built in only 15.5 hours by
features user authentication, messaging, formula calculations (like profit margin and others.), email notifications etc.

How did deyavu get on the Android store? I thought that was not supported yet?

not sure but I guess they built a native app on android and connected it Bubble API for backend functionality.
Anyone from Deyavu here to comment?

It looks very like the main site. So maybe the used a tool to wrap it ?

Interested in how they pull the photos of places back. Assume is Google Places at back end.

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1200-1280px :slight_smile:

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@Bradluffy: Yes, Bubble still don’t support Android. What is actually possible is to transform a website into a native app using a “container”. It can be done using Android Studio (there are several nice tutorials out there), and there are also paid options (even Stripe built his native app using the “container” option –
@NigelG: I’m using Bing Image Search to pull the photos back mixed with the google places api when doing the query (it’s not infallible but it works quite well, even for other data). The main site is 1200x676
Take a deeper look into my app, and if you find something helpful for your own projects I’ll be more than pleased to answer your questions. :wink:


Clever :slight_smile:

well done! How is your web site working so far? Got any traction?

Thanks! I’m in the product-market fit stage, testing and changing things based on feedback from selected extreme users. I’ll focus on growth quite soon, to see if there is really enough traction :wink:


We have new entries in

  1. KLIKPRO - a marketplace platform for professional photographers and videographers to buy and sell pre-owned equipment.
  2. Book Keeper - You can keep track of how many pages you read in a day and leave notes on the book

We have new entries in
WACC - Look up the correct weighted average cost of capital for any firm.
REPART - We are business consultants that design and implement business information systems that help streamline processes in finance and operations

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We have new entries at

  1. Pflegetiger - A recruitment agency. Features fully responsive design and an application form for candidates
  2. Locate World - Locate allows you to shorten any global address to a 6 digit code. This code can then be used on online checkouts instead of inputting your full address.

Yet another entry at

Usercard is a verified directory for online usernames. Search and discover all the handles related to your interest and list yourself to share your own! It’s free to join.


Hey Bubblers!
we’ve got a new entry at
Check this out:
OnTheRocks is a members-only mobile app that helps you discover the best local bars and restaurants in your city. Members also get one free alcoholic drink each day from any of our partner bars!


yohoo! another entry at

Hezoo is a collaborative peer-to-peer service that connects people who need to send something from France(or Tunisia) to Tunisia(or France) with transporters going that way anyway.


and another awesome app built on Bubble.

Glasshopper guides you through the jungle of college extracurriculars. Read hundreds of trusted reviews on university clubs by students, for students.

check it out here

We’ve got new entry at

Finterest - A web-site in Russian that helps to learn about finances

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