Color Converter [Free Plugin]

Hello Bubblers!
Here’s a new plugin we just created, it’s a useful tool to convert your color codes into other formats like RGB, HSL, HEX and CMYK. It’s very simple to use it below is the link to the plugin’s page.

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Hi Chakor. I am trying out your color converter plugin and have couple of suggestions.
For the input (if hex) can you mask out the # symbol otherwiseI need to truncate the hex code from end for 6 char.
on the result ( I am using HSL) i am only interested in the L value, could you make this discrete value accessible?

Wow… I mean… wow.


Hi @eric.schwantler, thanks for taking out your time to check out our plugin. You can enter Hex Value without the ‘#’ symbol and it still works as intended. As for the other suggestion you provided we will definitely work on it and update our plugin soon.
Hex Image

thx, in the mean time do you know how i would manually extract the Luminesce (L) value from HSL. I have stored HSL in new field after converted from your function ie. HSL(0,0%,78.8%). I need the L value as decimal so that i can apply conditional logic for changing text color on background color
maybe a regex?