Color is not consistent on same group

Anybody ever experience something like this, or has a best guess idea on why it is happening?

In the footer you can see a clear square in the middle that contains the text like Account Resources etc., as well as on the bottom with name of company. The Hero section at top has the same strange issue with the color in two sections.

I submitted a Bug report on August 23rd and support just responded they are unable to reproduce the issue in any circumstances and are unable to assist. Support indicated they attempted to reproduce using the same version of Chrome and MacOS I am using.

I personally am unable to reproduce it on other browsers using the same device, and do not see it on other devices.

I’ve been facing a few similar issues across several apps recently. The only cause I can think of is some overriding value imposed by the browser because no amount of redoing from scratch on the Bubble editor fixes it. Submitted a bug report a week ago and yet to hear anything back.

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What browser are you using?

Same, Chrome on macOS. Haven’t checked others though

Could you share your Chrome version and MacOS?

Screen Shot 2023-08-31 at 1.30.48 PM


Screen Shot 2023-08-31 at 1.32.03 PM

I wonder if there might be some similarity between our issues related to the version of chrome of MacOS that could help support and engineering isolate the root cause to put in a fix if possible.


by chance are you getting messages from chrome that it can no longer be updated because of your version of MacOS? I’m seeing the message indicating I need to upgrade my MacOS for chrome to be able to update…unfortunately there is no way for me to update my MacOS without doing factory reset (another situation entirely)

No such issue for me, but would make sense in your scenario as its a few versions back.

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