Colorcrazy, is 100 not completely intransparent?

Hello fellow bubblers,

I hope this is a ‘quick and easy’ question. I have an Icon I have put on Transparency 100 ( max. Not transparent), but when I check the icon color in the dev environment, it shows of as a different color ( red arrow points to icon in dev environment).

First I thought it would be the somewhat tranparent square around the icon ( I thought it might some how be shown as in frontof the icon, but removing the square had no effect on the color of the icon. It seems as if the icon is not completely intransparent and is affected by the background.

How, why? How can I make this better :)?

What does it look like if the blue was actually white? Is the icon the top most layer?

I’ve noticed the number setting was not connected to the actual transparency for a bit. Instead you need to manually set it with the slider.

I just checked it and it seems to be working again.

Not sure if that is what is going on with yours.

You may want to check you don’t have any other elements on top…checking the element tree. Maybe also try right clicking and selecting bring to front on the icon.

As can be clearly be seen with the mixed background, the icon is reacting to the background.

What, what slider? Is there a slider? Where is it? I only see the number ( Which does react to a lower number though :no_mouth: ).

No other elements are on top, as can be see by the picture above .

When I inspect the green colors with a digital color meter on my Mac they all are the same, they just appear different. Here are some other examples of this:


just click on the hex code for the color and its on the right

So a bit color crazy after all then, you were absolutely right. In photoshop, colorpicking at the same spot on all of the icons proved indeed…it was the same color.

So now I want a feature in Bubble which offsets the colorillusion :rofl:

Thanks, had not seen that one yet. In this case it appears we have an unfixable bug in our brain, more then in Bubble :smile:

Haha - yes definitely. One way to make sure it appears as expected is to choose colors with higher contrast ratios.