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I agree! But first of all: Many thanks to everybody for their commitment, and again thank you @vascolucci for organizing!
i’ll get in touch regarding the payment via PM.

I’m very happy we made it together.

Maybe we should setup some sort of bubble app for future crowd funding, including payment processing :slight_smile:



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Great this is moving forward. However we’re not going to start on this tomorrow, so we’ll post here in a few days/weeks when we can get started on this.

Thanks @js1,
I totally Agree. The sponsoring makes some features become reality, and together we can do that.

Thank you guys for contributing.

One last step, please each one of the 12, send me PM with your email address and I will send a Payment Request through Paypal to your email

The 12 agreed to contribute are:
1 @vascolucci
2 @philip
3 @andrew
4 @js1
5 @pauljamess
6 @NigelG
7 @DennisF
8 @JohnMark
9 @zeb
10 @ gaurav
11 @ vlad
12 @ uproute

Thanks guys.

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Did you read my post? We’re not ready to start yet. I think it’d be better the request PayPal payment once we can start

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Sorry @emmanuel I must have missed your post somehow.

Yeah that’s okay, I just thought that we can get the payments all sorted now since the subject is active now then you guys (bubble team) can take your time and schedule it whenever suits you, no rush though.

Whatever suits you guys, I’m down with it. :slight_smile: :+1:


Anything yet @emmanuel regarding this? :slight_smile:

No, I said a “few weeks” :wink:

Okay, can’t wait :smile: :+1:

We could probably start working on this toward the end of next week.


Excellent News. Let me know when to send the payment.:thumbsup:

Please email [email protected] for this

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Any idea why Chrome warns me about SSL when I visit the PayPal link I received in the email from you?

That’s weird. Anyone else having this problem?

The email you recived was sent to you through PayPal. I just used the request money feature in PayPal account and put your email and they sent the email to you.

Yeah I haven’t seen this before. It’s strange to me because the URL is real, and when I initially loaded the page I got a big red splash page from Google/Chrome. I’ll try again when I’m on another computer.

Run It in incognito. You probably have an extension that’s causing this

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Good idea, I will try that.

As we are pushing to finilize the contribution as soon as possible now and I’m still not getting a response from @uproute, @andrew @pauljamess.

The initiative and willingness of @AliFarahat & @fayewatson to join us to contribute with this group funding so I added them to the list.
If anyone else is willing to join the last spot. Please PM me.

The updated contributions status:

1 @ vascolucci :white_check_mark:
2 @ js1 :white_check_mark: Thanks
3 @ NigelG :white_check_mark: Thanks
4 @ DennisF :white_check_mark: Thanks
5 @ zeb :white_check_mark: Thanks
6 @ gaurav :white_check_mark: Thanks
7 @ vlad :white_check_mark: Thanks
8 @AliFarahat :white_check_mark: Thanks
9 @fayewatson :white_check_mark: Thanks
10 @andrew :white_check_mark: Thanks
11 @pauljamess :white_check_mark: Thanks

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@vascolucci Thanks for the update man.

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Sorry was traveling. I have sent email via DM

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@andrew Welcome Back :slightly_smiling_face: :clap:
@zeb You are welcome :thumbsup:

I have updated the list.