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Columns In Bubble's Full Calendar Plugin Day View


please update the plugin. i just pushed the fix. i think it’s the fix anyways! :sweat_smile:

sorry for the struggles there. making sure everything was timezone aware AND highly customizeable was slightly more difficult than planned. but i think the kinks are worked out for 95% or more cases. anything i will also continue to address on the fly!

Hi Jerard
I’ll try to figure out what you mentioned above.
In my case I just need the first name of the groomer to match up with the heading.
At present nothing shows in the resourceTimeGridDay view.
Any pointers would be appreciated.
Thanks, Mark.

The value of resource that goes into that list needs to come from the database check out these pictures

Many thanks Jared. I’ll check it out and let you know if I have any queries.

Essentially, when you save an event I would personally save a title I start and end range the resource that it’s a sign to and any other relevant information that you might need. Then, you can either directly call that information from one of the event properties(title, summary, location, extra property 1 or extra property 2) or you could use the event ID and search the database when you actually click on the event that you’re trying to find information about

Many thanks Jared. I made this change and it seems to work perfectly :slight_smile:
Whoo Hoo !!!

Even if I drag to make a booking in Angela’s column but select Maxine as the Groomer, the booking goes into the correct column.
Great stuff !!!

:clap: :clap: :raised_hands: :gem:

Let me know you need more support. Thank you for helping me trouble shoot and doing testing. After I update the docs I’ll be submitting version 2.0

Soon I’ll put out a template for the google auth work too!

Hi Jared.
The only issue I am still missing is that when I click “day” I lose my columns.
If you can make that work for me I will be incredibly happy to be where I am now as opposed to before when you alerted me to your plugin.
As I said, I’d have been dead in the water without the features that you have provided.
Next thing on my list is to concatenate my schedule table and the livebookings table combining them into the calendar. If I get stuck with any issue I’ll let you know.
So, other than losing the columns, I seem to be back on track with many thanks to you for your support.
It’s about time to actually purchase the plugin and give you a ***** rating.
Please keep me posted on the columns disappearing issue.
Many thanks, Mark.

Hi Jared. Please let me know how this is done. Thanks.

this will allow you to control which view you enter when you click those buttons! i’m testing today and will likely push tonight/tomorrow


Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 7.27.19 AM

^^^^^^^ this setting will be found on the initialize calendar workflow - eventually most if not all settings will be controlled dynamically via the design screen. i’ll keep you updated on that.
please login and update your app!