Combine Multiple Input Data things into One Set

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I have 3 Dropdown Menu Inputs that are creating 3 individual data sets, I would like to combine them into one set when the date info is created.

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Hi there, @Coastal_Dude… I don’t know what you mean by “when the date info is created,” but are you trying to create one thing in the Selection data type with the values in the dropdowns saved in that one thing’s fields? If so, you only need one Create a new Selection… workflow action, and you can set all three fields within that one action.

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Hi @mikeloc, thanks so very much dude. A very simple solution! I think I have been overcomplicating a lot of things so this solution has also helped in other venues!

Hope you have a most excellent day and I really appreciate the quick response!
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@Mikeloc, since you seemed to intuitively know what I was talking about in my previous post, can you tell me (if it isn’t too much to ask) how a specific combination of MC inputs can trigger a Show Element in the next page?

So, I have created a thing with the 3 separate input fields in one Create a new Selection…, can this then tell the next page to Element - Show - Image (specific to the 3 input values)?

Thanks again, TO

You should be able to send the newly-created thing to the next page, and on that page, you could have an image element with a conditional to show a particular image when the 3 fields are not empty.

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Thanks, will give it a try.
You are a legend!

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