Combine Values From Multiple Fields into 1 Dropdown

I’m trying to set pricing options for products into a single dropdown. Each product has multiple pricing levels (MSRP, Wholesale, Flex), and they are stored in separate fields under each product.

I want to show a dropdown of all prices available for the product, but I can’t figure out how to combine the values from each field into a single list that the dropdown can query.

Any help would be SO appreciated!

If I understand your problem correctly this should be possible if the field types for MSRP, Wholesale, and Flex are the same (e.g. all number, or all text etc.). When you create the dropdown, the Type of Choices should be these field types (e.g. number), and the Choice Source should be something along the lines of: Do a search for Product’s each item’s MSRP: merged with Do a search for Product’s each item’s Wholesale: merged with Do a search for Product’s each item’s Flex.

I think that should combine the three fields in to a single list for the dropdown.

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I was not able to find “merged with” anywhere in my options. I was able to find a workaround by setting a custom state for the dropdown as a list of numbers. Then, I could set the data source for the dropdown as the value of that custom state “:plus item” each price field’s value from the product.

Thanks for your help! That really pointed me in the right direction

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