Coming from Cognito Forms - is bubble for us?

Hi there,

I’m really looking for some feedback and your experiences, hope you can help!

We’re a small startup providing an email addin for the hotel industry helping reservation agents to answer emails quicker/semi-automated.

To be able to do this our customers (hotels) must set up several data like their rooms, rates, html formats etc. We used Cognito Forms for that until now which helped a lot as we were able to connect the data with each other. From Cognito via Zapier we’re pushing the data to our MySQL database.

We’re now reaching the limits of cognito as we want to give our customers the ability to have an account, to login and to change their data (but only in a limited way). And, in best case, directly push the changed data to MySQL. It feels like bubble can do all that, so we were thinking about “moving” to bubble, at least partially at first.

So 2 important questions we have to be 100% sure:

  • is it possible to import entries/data from cognito to bubble with an excel or csv file?
  • is it possible to embed a cognito form & prefill it dynamically with the users name, email etc.?
    (check the documentation here: Cognito Forms: Free Online Form Builder)

That is an example of the script for prefilling the form:

Instead of ‘John’ or ‘’ I would like to use “username” and “useremail”.
When I checked for this I could only put the Useremail in front but not within the script:

Looking forward to any feedback on that.

Thank you so much in advance and p.s. I loved the selfexplaining setup, awesome UE :slight_smile:


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Yes for both questions :+1:

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Thanks for your quick answer!
Do you know how exactly that would be done? Like both of it :smiley: Because I couldn’t find this functionalities in the demo.

@josefin welcome to the community! :grinning:

Explore how the api connector plugin and api endpoints work.

As a side note… you could build everything needed with Bubble alone. No need to “stitch” various platforms and have to monitor data flowing back and forth and deal with the problems in multiple platforms when things do not go as planned.

Here a couple of instructional videos on the connector and endpoints: