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Comments & Notes - output of all

Very cool platform, I’m just learning it, but I already like it a lot!
I have a question: can I see/display all the working comments that I (or someone else) contributes while developing the application somewhere?

Since there can be a lot of comments and they can be on each element, will you have to click on all the elements to remember or find some important comment?

Hi there, @alcompstudio… you can see all of the notes by clicking on this link in the notes area.

When all notes are displayed, you can click on a note to go to the associated element in the editor.



Hi Mike!

Thanks for your answer, I have seen this possibility. But I thought maybe somewhere there is a special button or a link from where you can immediately get into the list of comments. Well, since there is no such possibility (which is strange for me in such a powerful platform), I will use the existing functionality.
Maybe in the future the developers will add a direct link to all technical comments (I will hope so).

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