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Communication between more than 2 datatype

I am new to databases so this will probably be a dummy question!

I have Users who can create Events.
Users can mark certain Events to save to their Favourites.

I created a column for “yes/no” in the Events datatype.
The “save to favourites” button is set to add “yes” to the current event (see below)

and the “view my favourites” repeating group is set up as below:

I realised after setting this up that if one User adds an event to their favourites, ALL users will see the same favourited event! I am not sure how best to show a favourited event ONLY to a user who favourited it.

Do I need to create a new datatype and link them or something?

Hey @darren.james7518 welcome aboard.

Instead of having a “favourite” field in “Events” you should have a “favourite events” field (list) in the “Users” table.

When a user favourites an event your workflow is:
Make change to a thing → current User → favourite events add this event

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Ah that makes perfect sense, thank you for that!


For the case, i have a Event with more than 1 field? For exemple… favourite and rank? Its not possible to create another field in the Users table.

In this case, what is the best way to do that?


Can you explain in more detail your issue?