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Community Dashboard

Hi i was wondering if anyone had the Community Dashboard made by Jake K.

it was from the =

If you want I can see if I can find it on Bubble Templates

that would be amazing.

Appreciate it

I used to have that one

Do u still have it?

I think i do but it’s been why to long i don’t know what bubble account it’s on

Oh ok, well could u maybe have a look for it?

I do have one before it was removed from bubble templates.

I still have it.

@rileyherbert06 Message me if you still want it.

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I can’t dm u wths

Add me on Discord: Hydra#6461

Im making one for free!

Anyone have this i’m looking for it also.

I made one similar to it for free

Any way I could get that from you?

Join my discord and create a ticket

Instyle Hosting

We have been striving to bring you the best that we can when it comes to all roleplay needs.
We understand that role play isn’t just for Fivem. We also pander to those who are using the console as well. We offer many cads along with company deals, logos, websites and so much more.

Why Us
Instyle hosting is a brand new company and we love to make customers happy we believe in making their dreams come true with companies and make sure they receive the correct support with there products and the right choice of product for there budget. We know where not the largest but we just enjoy growing and helping people.

Graphic Design
Instyle Hosting offers loads of buddles and we have some great Developers that work hard making amazing designs with a logo for $4 and a professional at $16.

As of right now we offer a multitude of Cads along with application systems for your roleplay needs. We have value options for small communities and for those who have larger communities or just want the best for there buck we offer the Cosmic cad and cyber Cad.

-Cosmic CAD Features-
*-Global Chat
-Free & Cheap Plans
-Unique Design
-Invite Code
-Instant Setup
-Frequent Updates
-Up To Unlimited Departments
-Area of Play
-10 Codes
-Signal Codes
-Patrol Map
-Discord Integration
-Transfer Ownership
-24/7 Support
-Staff Panel
-Police FTO
-Dispatch FTO
-Fire FTO

  • Add-Ons
    -And Much, Much More!*

-Cosmic CAD Pricing-
Free - £0.00 GBP / $0.00 USD Monthly
Platinum - £4.00 GPB / $5.00 USD Monthly
Reseller - £70.00 GBP

Best At 75% Zoom

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Did you by chance get this from someone as I would love to use it for my community.

@wths do you By chance have this still, if so would it he possible to get it from you?

I have one if u are after it mate