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@rileyherbert06 That would be great if you wouldn’t mind sharing it with me

Ok, add me on dicord, Slim#6461

Hey its not letting me, try adding me. Viper5420#5420

Added Derekc5420

@Rileyherbert06 do you have the template? I am looking for this template!

Yes i do, add me on Discord

Ghost3217#6461 (I change my name to Ghost on Discord)

Ive made it so anyone can add me now.

@rileyherbert06 I tried adding you on Discord but it failed, Do you still have this Jake K template?

I still have it

Would it be possible for me to get it? @wths

can i have one copy of it please?

sure, send me a private dm on bubble and I will send it to you.

do you still have it?

Hey, I’m a little late here but if you still have it do you mind sending it to me?