Community Feedback Proposal: Anti-Abuse Measure on Free Plan

Honestly @akalati and @nick.carroll the availability of stolen CCs online is far too high for this to be effective. Scammers usually start with swiping and move on to more lucrative plots. For $6 they’d be able to bypass this with no issue. Then again, you may weed out a few basis points worth of bad actors and that is still more than 0!

I think a much more effective solution would be phone number verification via SMS. Burner SIM cards aren’t hard to come by but they’re not cheap. In most developed countries we’re talking about a process that involves a background and credit check which also increases the cost for bad actors by $60-100 on top of whatever they have to pay for their burner, (if they can even find a supplier via the same channels.) Most of the time this process involves finding an unhoused individual to purchase a burner account, which at all major retailers I can think of, requires a device purchase as well. This also gives Bubble more tools to help stop the bad actors. If one of them is simple enough to use the same device and just keep sim swapping, providing the number associated with the scam accounts to the FBI is usually enough for them to pull an IMEI and pay an early morning visit.

I’m not a programmer but worked in IT and was able to read basic programming in C++ and HTML, but when I got hacked on Instagram and followed the beta test script, I was sure it was an intelligent creator that took my Instagram profile, pictures and convincing all my 700 followers to follow the beta test link offering nude photos, live video interaction and one on one chat. This creator was able to get into my instagram account, using an Apple Iphone while I use Samsung to get into my account, very knowledgeable person. The programming was too intricate to be a used by a John Doe that’s why I reported directly to Bubble support. I do agree that if it’s a beta test version, there should be a water mark to state this is a BETA test version and that it cannot accept any monetary authentication while on Beta test mode, such as CC authentication. No one on one live phone conversation or video interaction can be activated while on Beta as scammer live on this monetizing from their victims. There should be better control at Bubble when releasing a beta test program, check in and check out versions. Identity theft is not a good business for your company, bad apple programmers or scammers. I was reading your Only Fans clone workflow and I didn’t notice any kind of workflow for video chat or one on one chat, or credit authentication. Is this workflow that stole my identity a special workflow beta test?

Once you create a workflow ie of video, one/one chat, etc , should be beta tested inside by your different customers, cc authentication, passwords etc, then all this should be just a flavour of choice for your customer to choose, plug and play which one they want to use. This would avoid “if programmer” as you put it in one of your comment is the culprit, from putting out their own version out there. Algorithm put in place if something entered incorrectly. I used to put a ding, when a cheque number sequence is not typed in correctly by data entry and they have to reenter until they get it right. Perhaps enter phone number and send and SMS code to enter in order to get into the site. I don’t like it that the scammer beta test link that stole my identity kept my user name and password, that every time I click on the link, I’m in. For all i know, it’s capturing other information from my pc or android phone. I’m happy to say that your Support team Kevin and his team, acted immediately and remove the fake site that was harming my reputation and Bubble’s reputation and identified the creator. A beta test program should never accept any credit card information or monetize while on Beta mode.

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