Community Management System | By United Modifications

Hey people today we have some cool news to share with you. Over the last few months we have been developing your brand new community management system, and today we are finally ready to share it with you.

So what is a community management system?

  • A Cms is a system that helps you manage your community, By letting you know where your members are and how full your departments are. It also enables you to schedule trainings with ease, keep track of promotions and loa’s with just the click of a button all of this helping to make your time easier.

What features does it come with?

  • Our cms comes with a built in LOA and event tracking system so you can finally say good bye to google docs.

  • It also has a department tracking system so you can see how each department is doing individually, This also has a promotion system built in so you can accept and deny promotions still while keeping track of them.

  • To go along with the department tracking system it has a Roster system in place for each department.

  • And coming soon Will be an Analytics system so you can see indepth into each department.

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Very cool idea. I’ve had something like this on the backburner for my own community for quite some time, and it’s great to see other people also interested in creating such a system. I think we as developers get CMS’s readily available and with useful and innovative features, they could revolutionize the organization of RP communities, especially those based off of Discord on Console. I look forward to seeing where you take your own vision of this idea!

Would it be able to get a backend version of this application?