Compare 2 different datas with relative inputs to launch workflow


I have two fields in my datatype (Patient) : name & First name. The user has to enter 2 input fields (name & first name of the patient). If the patient exist → modify his information. But if he doesn’t exist in the database → create a new patient line(thing) in the database.

So basically I have to check if the name & first name are in the database based on the 2 inputs “Enter the name” and “Enter the first name”.

I tried a “Search for Patient’s name join with Search for Patient’s firstname doesn’t contain input name’s value” but got an error, I can’t check at the same time name input & first name input.

Any ideas ?
Thanks a lot

You might be able to set this up by having a “full name” field for your patients – this way you can compare both of the inputs against the values of the two combined fields.

Thanks for your reply.

I tried to create a new field “fullname” by joining the inputs of “name” & “first name”, but the workflow still creates 2 times the same patient. Here the workflow :


And the 2 patients created in the database :

I can’t see what I am doing wrong

Please someone has already encountered this situation ?

I do not understand why the evaluator says “yes” while the input’s name and input’s firstname are in the fullname patient’s list :


Thanks for your help

Hi there, @Yacasu… try changing your Only when condition to a count. So, it would be Search for Patients's:count is 0, and the constraint on the search would be fullname = Input Nom patient's value:capitalized words Input Prenom's value:capitalized words.

Hope this helps.


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Hi @mikeloc ! Awesome it worked ! Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile: I have been struggling for hours on this !

Have a nice day

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