Compare and review top nocode platforms - built with Bubble

Added a new page to Stakk today - compare and review the top platforms to build your website or app without code! Feedback appreciated.

Also feel free to rate and review Bubble here:

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Just my humble opinion but I think its doing a number of these platforms an in justice when you compare them to other such as Bubble and Wix… Also it might be useful to highlight those which offer a plug-in ecosystem… Those that have published documented API… As I say just my humble opinion

FYI Dropsource has Google Maps and Google Analytics.
I’ve used both features before.

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@stephencharles - very nicely done.

As you think about a continued buildout, a few ideas that come to mind that be of help:

  • Links to example projects or exemplary use cases
  • Show a learning curve (rate on a scale of 1-10)
  • Flexibility of platform (rate on a scale of 1-10)
  • Cost versus value (rate on scale of 1-10)

Thanks for the Dropsource mention… :grinning: :tada: