Compare two lists index-wise, return matching items count

Hi guys, I want to compare 2 dynamic lists and get their similar (matching) values count.

I have 2 lists. List A and List B.
List A is values created by admin & List B is values inserted by users. I want the count of those matching values (without intersecting).

Below is an example of what i want to achieve,

Here are 2 lists having different number of values.

Matching items count= 6

I just want this count. (Here item# number (index) should be same in both lists, I don’t want count of matching values intersecting with different index items)

Anybody know how to achieve this kindly help.
Thanks in advance.

Hey @ankur1 , do you have any suggestions for this?

This is just off the top of my head, try RepeatingGroup A’s list of things:intersects with RepeatingGroup B’s things:count

That should work as long as both are the same thing like a number?


Do something like this-

List’A unique value intersect with List’B Unique Value Count

I am able to match values by calling them in 2 different RG’s. If matched formatted as 1, if didnt matched formatted as 0.

by using this expression:

so I got the matching numbers as desired:

in above example, if you sum all matched items, matched items count is 3.

But, I am not able to get that (sum) count. Everything is in RG, I cant use current cells index outside RG, and i cant use > or + inside RG, to count total matched items. I also tried possibility of setting CS, but couldnt.

How can i get that matched items count?

Did you figure it out ?

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