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Comparing 2 list in a repeating group

I have a simple problem and unfortunately, I did not find any solution yet.

I have a table called Specialties where I insert types of medical specialties: Allergy, Pediatric,…
I have a table called User with a field of type ‘list of Specialties’. This is a doctor with one or multiple specialties.
I have another table Request with a field of type ’ List of Specialties’ (similar to the above).

for example, A request with specialties: Trauma, Cardiology is sent to all Users.
However, only the Users that have Trauma or Cardiology in their List of Specialties field will see the request in their repeating group.

Any idea how to achieve this?

I appreciate the help.

Hello @abalgir


search things :filtered contains list

Unfortunatly this does not work.
as per attached screen it gives an error

Also as I understand, ‘contains’ will return True only if all elements in a list are in the compared one. What I need is just if one element is the compared one.


search: filtered advanced

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I will try this. This is new for me. I need to read what it will do and how to use it in my case.

Thank you

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Advanced filtering seems to return what I wanted.

Many thanks for the guidance.