Comparing 2 RG Dates

I have an app that has a list of shifts that workers can pick up to work. In the app, I have 2 RG:

  • RG Open - these are shifts that are open and can be picked up by anybody.
  • RG Assigned - these are shifts in the future that the worker has already picked up.
    The shifts data type as 2 date ranges, StartEnd and StartEndPlus2.

What I am trying to do is only display the shifts RG Open the worker does not have a time conflict. If the shifts in RG Open StartEndPlus2 overlaps with any shift in RG Assigned StartEnd then that particular shift in RG Open would not be shown.

Here’s what I have tried but I am getting the red letters. My thought was to have this input hidden in each cell of the RG and then filter out the cell based on the yes/no

Current Cells Shifts StartEndPlus2 overlaps with RG Assigned List of Shifts:each items StartEnd

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What is the purpose of the StartEndPlus2 date range field?

It is the blockout date range. The worker cannot accept any shift where the StartEnd overlaps with that range. There may be shifts available that are open, but if they already have a shift that overlaps, they should not be able to view the shift.

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