Comparing between plug-ins

Hello great comuunity,
I wonder what is the best way to compare between diffrent plug-ins.
Specifficaly, I am looking for “crerate-a-PDF-from-Bubble-page” plag-in and I saw a lot of options, some of the new (but looks very good) and other old and familiar but also more expensive.
What is the best way to copmpare?
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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The best way to compare is to use it and decide which one do you think is better.


Thanks for your comment !

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Yes, using it is always the most reliable way to figure out which plugin you prefer. Nobody knows what you like/need more than you do.
That being said, its not always possible to test out all the different plugins, so here is a few ways to at least get an idea of which plugin works best.

  1. Check the plugin forum’s page & search the plugin name on the forum

  2. Check the plugin demo + editor demo ( this was the best way of quickly understanding how good a plugin was & how it worked, although frustratingly a lot of the demos/editors are now down since Bubble decided to take down hobby pricing plans. Very annoying)

  3. Installs count

  4. Quality/amount of Documentation, details and explanations on the plugin page

  5. Contributor page of the plugin author

  6. Check the reviews (theyre not the most reliable, there aren’t many, and don’t always trust the ‘doesnt work’ comments, which are sometimes from people who dont know how to use them properly)

My philosophy with plugins is to only download plugins you really need and are useful. Don’t go crazy with plugins, as they can give feature creep + slow down your app.


Appreciate your detail answer. Indeed, I will take these tip into account

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