Comparing values of two months

Hi there!

I am wondering how I could compare the variation in percentage between the same month in two different years.

I have a table element with all 12 months of the year and the electricity consumption of every month. I want to compare the same month of two different years for example:

kWh January 2022: 100, kWh January 2023: 200, variation: +100%

The same thing should be done automatically with every single month in the table element.

How could I do it?


I’m not sure how to do it using the table element (meaning: can access a cell from another cell?)
The formula you need for January 2023 is:

((January 2022 consumptionJanuary 2023 consumption) / January 2022 consumption) * 100

So you could perform a nested Do a search in your January 2023 cell to show the percentage :rocket:

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