Comparison Question

Hi Guys,

Just a quick one, hoping someone can help, and hopefully, bubble has the capability. I’m sure it does I just can’t seem to figure out the logic behind it.

I have a Data Type Called “Test” with fields “Test_Type” and “Vehicle_Registration”

The test type can either be “New_Install” or “Repair”

What I am trying to achieve is to display (either on a chart or in a repeating group as text) how many and which “vehicle_registrations” had a “new_install” and if there was a “repair(s)” done with the same vehicle_registration.

Basically trying to build a report that shows “X” vehicle had a new install in March and subsequently had 4 repairs thereafter.

Any way to achieve this neatly? I could create a vehicle data type and assign tests as they are created but looking for a solution with the current DB structure.


You can have an RG with type “Vehiec_Registration” and search with :unique after it (so you only get one reg once).

Then in the report count up the Test type for that registration (search for Test where test_type = Repair : count)

If you are worried about filtering/performance, then you could load this into a hidden repeating group on page load, and then the report can pull/sort/filter on that rather than go to the DB.

Or … store the counts on the Vehicle_Registration for the abilty to sort.

You can probably use the “Group By” as well.