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Competing Conditionals in Dropdowns

I have chart where the X and Y values change based on the inputs in the two dropdown menus.

To make it responsive, I’ve created a second set of dropdowns for mobile (basically my app hides the initial dropdowns when the page width is narrower than a certain width and shows the second set of dropdowns).

Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 08.36.16

My problem is that I’m using conditions to change the X and Y values, and there’s now conflicting conditions between the “Desktop” set of dropdowns and the “Mobile” set of dropdowns.

EG the “Desktop” set of dropdowns might show “All Time” but the “Mobile” set of dropdowns might show "7 Days’. This means the chart doesn’t update to “All Time” if the (hidden) Mobile dropdown has a value of “7 Days”.

Has anyone else dealt with this problem in the past? I’m sure there’s an easy solution I’m not thinking of

Hi @alexcooney5 !

I think that the best solution is to try to make your layout responsive. And use just the two original dropdowns.

But what you can do is go to your chart (conditional tab) and change the source of the search WHEN the page width is less than X. So every time the page width is less than X, your original dropdowns will became invisible and you chart’s search will pass to use the “mobile dropdowns” values…