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Complaint about support team

Does anybody else have complaints about support team members?

I’m pretty upset right now about one particular support team member, not because of the long standing issues I encounter with them regularly, those I can deal with. It is the most recent event of them deleting data from my app.

I provided clear step by step instructions. I provided a video as well…yet for some reason they decided to delete data from my app that they did not create themselves for the purpose of testing the app.

What is worst, is the way to delete the data they did delete would only be accomplished by ignoring the step by step instructions and not following the supporting video demonstration on how to reproduce the issue.

What got me really peeved about this situation is that the data was not simple…it was a complete blog post with external linking, images etc. etc. which took me about 25 minutes to finalize in the app. Now that is all lost and I will have to load it again.

Really upset that they didn’t take the time to follow the instructions provided or to follow the video demonstration and didn’t take a minute to comprehend that the only blog post entry with a legitimate title and not a test title, as well as imagery might not be something to delete.

I’m interested to hear if others have had issues about support team members because I am really curious if it is just me and that I am overreacting.


Just overall makes me feel really uncomfortable having this support team member handling any of my issues as it will always leave me feeling that any changes to the app which I didn’t make may have been done by support unwittingly.

You can revert your database back in time. The bubble support team will do that for you if your plan doesn’t support it.

Not sure when it happened or what things I had done to the database between the time the support team deleted it and finding out about it…don’t want to lose all the work I had done and have to add all of that back.

Thanks for the idea though…really just wished the support team member followed the instructions and didn’t delete thing in a way they were not instructed to.

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I can understand your frustration.

I also had a case where I have given step-by-step instructions including which data to enter.

The support member just used completely different data and said it works fine. :roll_eyes:

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Head of Success here. Very, very sorry about the bad experience you had with our support team.

In everything we do, we try to wow our users and move the needle, so to speak, with speed and efficiency. Feedback like this is really helpful in figuring out how we can get better at those things.

I’d love to take a look at the thread you’re referring to more closely, so I can see what went wrong on our end and why. Can you dm the bug report id (in the subject line of the email) to me plus any other feedback you might have about this situation/others.

We obviously never intend to delete app or user data from user’s apps. At times, we do make changes to user’s apps when debugging. We’ve found that users enjoy this as it leads to faster responses and better resolutions within context. Not every situation calls for that, but, when we do that, we always maintain the integrity of the app.

We’ve been thinking about making that opt-in on the bug report form. So this data point is helpful in that regard. So, again, if you could send me the bug report id, then I can see what went wrong in this instance.


I had the exact same poor experience. I provided step by step instructions and was told that the issue was not reproducible, even though it was clear that the support team member had not followed my instructions.

My recent experience with the support team is that it is totally hit or miss based on the person who handles the issue. If it’s one of the recognizable old hands then I get excellent support. But if it is a newbie, the level of understanding and response is vastly inferior. I have found myself teaching some really basic fundamentals recently.

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We also had many issues with the support team.
It takes too much time to prove an issue, even if you provide clear step-by-step instructions with video and screenshots.

There was an annoying, simple bug. It took about one month of conversations to prove that I’m not dumb.

Note: this is not related to all members of the support team.
Some of the members handle issues intelligently.

That would be great if you will create a list of users that already reported about bugs in the past and if the Bubble system caused these bugs — the idea to include experienced people on that list.
So, when a person from this list creates a new bug report - a more skilled member should handle this one. Or something like that.


Please DM David with some bug reports numbers, we need to look at each case to learn and improve.


I just sent a lengthy explanation of one such issue.


I have only been in touch with support a couple of times, and I have always gotten very prompt replies. I did put in a ticket just before the weekend with repro steps that weren’t followed and got the (in)famous “works fine on our end” reply :wink:

But anyone can miss something, I sure do in my day job. So I will wait till I hear back again on the same ticket before I pass judgement :slight_smile:

@emmanuel Do you not look at the rating from helpscout? It seems redundant to make a private message to David when you already have a system to leaving feedback.

Multiple times we have had issue with support team, it’s sad to think our feedback has just been ignored.

We do, but we have thousands of tickets a month, so if one specifically can be used by the team to learn and improve, we want to make sure we don’t miss it.


You have thousand of ‘not good’ helpscout reviews per month???

I think the general idea was that help scout reviews might not have the actual bug report ID on them and so it is difficult for the company to investigate an issue and come to a solid conclusion of what went wrong (if anything) and how to resolve it.

By providing an actual bug report ID to David in a message, this would allow David to investigate that bug report, looking at the entire message chain, see how the interaction unfolded, and where if need be the support team could improve. Or if there was some other issue that caused the negative experience, like a fault in the system that caused the bug report to ‘fall through the cracks’ and a notification was not sent out or something.

I think it is great that the Founder of the company as well as the Head of Success team have reacted so positively and demonstrated a strong desire to mitigate any issues going forward by learning from specific, verifiable experiences.


You are making some assumptions here, since when do you work for bubble? I am sure helpscout gives an id to be referenced to the whole email conversation.

I think this is clear they are not looking at the reviews from helpscout.

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I don’t work for bubble. The assumptions I made I think are pretty obvious, especially considering what was said by bubble employees

In terms of helpscout, as a bubble user, how do I leave a review there? Is it through the automatic ‘rate my reply’ we get in a bubble email chain with support? If that is then I think your assumption

might be a correct assumption and it would be something that bubble should look into having a system in place to review all negative reviews to decide which ones would take precedent in investigating further.

The only issue I could imagine with helpscout reviews is that a user gets the opportunity to ‘rate’ each and every reply, probably causing bubble to get thousands of tickets a month. Could you imagine the resources needed to review and investigate every ‘Not Good’ reply.

I owned a backpacker hostel. I had made a point to respond to every review we received. Each Sunday night I would sit down and for two hours read them, reply to them and request further information from my staff for negative comments. The whole process was a real pain. Luckily we only had about 15 reviews a week to go through…I couldn’t imagine what thousands of reviews a month would take to comb through and investigate each.

Probably need some kind of AI to do it.

Personally, I’d prefer the resources be spent on fixing the bugs and furthering the platform. I am also very happy with the response from Bubble on this issue.

I dont want to have any discussion with you or know annecdotes from your personal life. I made my point already, I am sure the id is given on the review and they don’t receive thousand negative review per month, you have no argument to me.

I agree, Bubble support is frustratingly bad when you have complex issues. They don’t follow instruction or read what you are trying to explain, even with videos clip showing the issue. I work for a large corporate that outsourced their tech support and Bubble support feels like that. It seems like their priority is to close the support ticket or get it out of their queue as fast as possible (for stat count) by usually sending back a cut and paste standard response (have you restarted the computer type of responses) instead of trying to figure out what the issue is.

I agree on this topic. Bubble support is bad. It’s as if they are so busy they don’t even read the support tickets or bugs. You have to constantly nag at them to try it again and read it again and so on. It really is strange, because coming from the same people that build the application it feels support is on another planet, as if they are clueless about your problems or even just making sure they reply to say hello rather than to solve the problem.

Bubble, you mentioned you have thousands of support tickets, I think support needs more support people on one side and more effort to bring those support tickets down, if not it’s going to explode if it hasn’t already.