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Complete Collection of Learning Resources

Hi Community, :slightly_smiling_face:

I have seen a lot of new Bubblers asking for where they can go and learn different aspects of Bubble, so I made this list of learning resources so that it can be referred to in the future. The tutorials are In no particular order, expect the free tutorials are at the top.

Note: I’m not affiliated with any of the paid courses and none of these courses are my own. If I have missed something, please leave a comment and I will add it here!

Bubble’s own Resources / Documentation / Tutorials

First, of, Bubble has an In-depth Manual and Reference where you will find explanations for pretty much every component in Bubble. It’s worth reading through topics in the manual and looking up different features of the Bubble Platform in the reference.

If you haven’t done the interactive Bubble tutorials yet, I recommend you go do those first!

List of Publicly available Learning Resources / Tutorials

@copilot Copilot’s Courses (Free and Paid)

What you can learn:

Bubble Beginner Course, Plaid Integration, Mastering APIs, Platform Payments, Plugin Development, Pre-Development, Text Messaging and Calls, User Analytics and Chat Messaging. + More coming!

@petter Petter’s Tips (Free)

What you can learn: Quick collection of great tips to keep in mind while building your app.

@MattN Matthew Neary’s Video on how to Build a Marketplace Web App without Code (Free)

What you can learn: How to build a marketplace app in Bubble, a high-quality video that’s easy to follow, highly recommended.

@romanmg Gaby’s videos: (Free)

What you can learn: There are a ton of useful videos (50+) about a lot of aspects in Bubble, I recommend you check out the channel and use the search bar. The videos are voiced over and are clear to follow, recommend!

@romanmg Gaby’s courses: (Paid)

More in-depth courses on how to make more advanced apps in Bubble.

@vlad Airdev’s Text Tutorials and Video Lessons (Free)

Also worth checking about these widgets from AirDev (Free). Copy these components directly into your app

@J805 NoCodeMinute’s Video Tutorials (Free)

What you can learn: Learn concepts of Bubble quickly with these 1 minute Youtube tutorials. Worth subscribing to, new videos published often.

@levon Zeroqode’s Lab Courses (Free and Paid)

What you can learn: Booking System, User management, Referral System, Marketplace App. + Much more.

@dan1 Dan’s Courses ($12 per month)

What you can learn: There are 147+ lessons with 18 hours of content for Bubble’s frontend and backend, lots of stuff to learn.

@leonidas.petrou4 Leon Petrou’s Complete Bubble Developer Course ($199.99, cheaper for first timers)

What you can learn: 10 hours and 107 lectures. Goes in-depth on many of the concepts in Bubble. Has good reviews from buyers.

Some tips from me:

Try to think logically about problems, as with every programming language, Bubble is built based on logic. If this > Do that principles. Think about the fundamental problem and try to break in down into smaller parts, then piece those parts together. Of course, it helps if you know about all of Bubble’s features, first.

Do search the forum if there is something you are wondering about, might be someone who has posted about it previously!

Closing Remarks

It’s a long list, so let me know if I missed something and I will go right ahead and add it! I hope this thread was useful to you, I intend to keep it updated with new content so might be worth checking back here after a while.



Awesome, thanks for collecting these Øystein!

I love this list. Thanks @stone for including my Complete Bubble Developer Course in the list. Here is a 94% off coupon for first time students:

Thanks @stone for including Zeroqode Lab!

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