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Complete Guide on How to Build Chrome Extensions and Website Widgets in Bubble

on the off chance this is relevant to problems…here is a pic of the underlying code sitting in my AWS S3 bucket. I believe this is the underlying code that allows the widget to communicate with my app via use of AWS S3 CORS. Also I am testing this on 2 different paid apps that I control

Hi @matteo, the course seems to be outdated - You state on your website: “[READ BEFORE PROCEEDING] This course is optimised only for Chrome Extensions with Manifest V2” but Google only accepts Manifest V3 extensions. Any plans to update this course? I would be interested in buying.

Perhaps in the following weeks, but not sure. Sorry!

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Hey guys! I purchased this course and love it! However, my Twitter Threads aren’t populating. I followed the instructions exactly and even used the plugin provided by @matteo but it’s still not populating. Could this be related to the Manifest V3 extensions @mmm referred to above?

Hey, thanks! No it’s not related to manifest v3 :slight_smile:

Can you click “Inspect” on the chrome extension and post a screenshot of what you get?
Also, I’d encourage you to check if you’ve copied/pasted correctly all the snippets of codes in the steps of the course.
Frequently people miss something or do not change the snippet of code accordingly with their bubble app name, etc.


@matteo Thanks so much for the quick reply! Attached is the screenshot of the console after inspecting the chrome extension. Seems to acknowledge I clicked the “Save thread for later” button but doesn’t display any threads. Attached a screenshot of the extension popup window. The extension loads the bubble app but is missing some functionality. Note, I went back through Steps 1-3 twice and made sure I copied everything over correctly.

Definitely interested in!

@matteo - any insight into what I missed?

Interested., would be useful.

@ivanhmills from those screenshots nothing comes to mind, I’d suggest reaching out to @ZeroqodeSupport which is now handling the customer support for superbuild

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Hello, everyone.

Thanks, @matteo :pray:

Yup, please feel free to tag us (@ZeroqodeSupport ) here on the Bubble forum or drop us a line on our Zeroqode Forum. Or just send us an email at [email protected] at any convenient for you time. :slightly_smiling_face:

We typically reply in 1 day and work in GMT+3 time zone.

Zeroqode Support Team

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@ZeroqodeSupport any plans to update the course for Manifest v3?

Hi @jonathan17,
Thank you for reaching out and sorry for the late reply due to the weekend. :pray:

We plan to upload a video course on top of the How to build Chrome extensions with Bubble course, but unfortunately, we haven’t decided yet to change some of its content or update it to Manifest V3.
Anyway, we’ve passed this request to the team and will investigate how feasible it is to include these changes.
Please stay tuned for future updates on Zerqode Lab. :slight_smile:

Thank you.
Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team.