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Complex application window / screen UI design

Hi team
I have a complex layout I am trying to achieve with multiple user adjustments in responsive and manual modes e.g. either fully responsive, or manually set widths etc.
Each of the sections can be hidden / un-hidden approapriately also.

If anyone has achieved this please let me know would be great to get this solved, a fully working example would really help my knowledge !

This is fairly simple (if a bit crazy) to do with responsive mode… Check some YouTube videos and you can get the fundamentals about the rows, columns, etc.

Edit: well not the dragging to resize. That’s slightly harder.

Hi @troy.roberge do you have an example?

Do you want the user to be actually able to click and drag one of the borders to adjust, or will they just enter the widths and heights into fields?

The former is possible but difficult, the latter is straightforward.

It’s doable. But it is going to be a nightmare :joy: