Complex Page generation


I would be thankful if anybody could give an advice concerning complex page generation.

Example of what I try to do:

I have two Data Types

  1. Job Data Type
  2. City Data type

Lets assume that each data type has 50 items.

What I try to do is to set up a page template to create many separate pages mixing these data types.

Page for Job City (Nail Artist San Diego)
Page for Job City (Nail Artist Los Angeles)
Page for Job City (Barber New York)

And so on. There will be too many of them to create them manually so I am looking for a way to create them dynamically.

Is there a way to create this page template to generate pages? I need them to be in sitemap (each page separately with it’s own url) for SEO purposes.

Thanks in Advance for any advice!

I know that on the page I can use Dynamic data.
Page type is set up to be Job data type.
I pass Job data type to the page but City Data type can be passed only as a parameter in url and accessed using Do a search function: first item.

It displays data properly but it does not create a separate page with it’s own url and it does not display such pages in the sitemap.

You can create a Tuple data type with one city and one job in it and design a page for this new datatype. Then, in the previous page, you can construct a tuple to pass to your generic page.

For example, create a custom state of type this Tuple and two dropdowns that will update the corresponding portion of the custom state and pass it on to generic page.

Thanks a lot for your help and reply! It worked :sunglasses:

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