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Complex payment configuration

Is it possible to configure Stripe to accept payments from one type of registered user to another type? And charge commission? Kind of like how Uber does it?

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The payee of this transaction is another user
If you’re setting up a market place, check this box so that the payment goes to another user, instead of your own Stripe account. For this to work, you’ll have to build a flow where users will be able to Register as a seller, connecting their Stripe account to get paid. See below.

Transaction payee
In the case of a market place, pick here who gets the payment. This is likely the current list thing’s creator. This user should have registered as a seller, or the transaction won’t be processed.

App fee
You can take a fee on the transaction. It has to be in currency (not a percentage), but you can compute the value in the field using the composer.

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