Complex Repeating group needs your XP

Hi guys,

I’m trying to build a RG that combines different data, and I’m not sure on how to proceed. Your experience on the subject would be of great help.

So let’s say i have users that need to upload 2 types of documents, we’ll name them “Carte Verte” and “Carte rouge”. Those documents needs 3 differents fields :

Name → Text,
The File → File
and Validity date → Date.

So “Carte Verte” and “Carte Rouge” are then going to be 2 different Data Types where i can import those 3 different fields and values.

Now since they are Data Types, i can import them as User fields too.

So my Data Types :

  • Users (field type : “Carte verte” + field type : “Carte rouge”)
  • Carte Verte (field type : Name + field type : Date + field type : File)
  • Carte Rouge (field type : Name + field type : Date + field type : File).

Until there everything is fine.

The problem starts when i want to display inside of the same RG, a list of all the documents whom the validity date is running out of time, no matter that they are “Carte Verte” or “Carte rouge”.

There is now important to mention that in my case there isn’t only 2 different “cartes” but 8.

So my idea has been to create an other Data Type named “All cartes” and import all my different “cartes” as fields types inside of it.

So now, i can set the Type of content of my RG as "All Cartes".

My RG itself only has to display the 3 values of the cartes : Validity Date, User and Name.

But since i have 8 different colors of “Cartes”, How to tell to my RG that i want it to show the “Cartes” with the closest validity date, no matter their color, Without having to enter 8x3=24 columns full of conditions Hide and Show when…

There is a good chance that I’m not doing it right from the beggining and the organisation of my ideas & data base.

Looking forward to hear about your thoughts :slight_smile:

These should be one data type.


RG:sorted by validity date

Conditional on the group ‘when validity date < Current date/time + 7 days’ change colour to something (will change colour when validity date is less than 7 days away)

@georgecollier Thanks for your reply. The problem there is that one Carte has several values that belongs to it (name, file and date)

So following your advice, let’s say i created on my database different slots like on the picture for the “Carte verte”.

Now i go to my repeating group and i can create a cell like → Current cell’s All Docs Carte verte

But this is only going to display the “Carte vertes”. What if it is a carte rouge, or blue that is out of date?

In total there are 8 carte per user. Each user has one carte of each.

So can you please developp your thoughts?

Then create 8 Cartes…

A Carte is a data type.

Each carte has a name, file, and Option Set which is the Colour. Then just do a search for Cartes.

@georgecollier i don’t understand how you build your database there btw datatypes and option sets.

Let’s start again:

There are 15 Drivers (Users)

Each of them has 8 documents (cartes)

Each document (carte) has 3 attributes

So i have:

1 Option set with the colors of the cards (imported as colors within each data type carte)

1 Data Type per Carte = 8 data type Carte
1 Data Type Users

1 Data type “All cartes”, with 8 attributes (1 per datatype Carte).

Can you please developp how you build you database? Should the datatype USERS also contain each of the cartes?

Should each of the datatypes Cartes also contain a fiels users?

Same for validity dates.

Cuz now my RG type of content is “All cartes” but when you want to put a cell, i encounter the same problem of each carte being a value so if i want to display the carte needed i need to implement 8 cells within my RG.

I will say it one more time:

Data type of Carte
name (text)
Colour (Colour option set)
validUntil (date)
any other fields you want

Colour option set

To create a blue carte, Create a new Carte and set the colour to Blue. To make a red one, do the same with red. You can store the Cartes as a list on the User, or you can Do a search for Cartes. Your database naming convention isn’t help you. A thing’s name is a singular object. ‘All Cartes’ isn’t a thing name. The thing should be called ‘Carte’.

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