Complex X & Y Axis Table

Hi all,

The issue is I’m trying to create a table that looks and functions like this in Bubble, but I can’t get it working with a repeatinggroup or table element:

(Ignore the small red text)

It’s essentially a dynamic list of Roles in one column on the Y axis, then a list of Divisions on the X axis with a number value set for each record (let’s call it an impact value).

However, I can’t seem to get it to map or work.

Roles and Divisions (Y and X axis values) are two separate datatypes, and I’ve created an impact score data type that takes a number but can also have a linked role and division.

Do you have any time to take a look and let me know how much it’ll be to get built?


Is the idea that somebody can click onto the Role from the left side of the page which is a repeating group displaying the data type of ‘Role’ and then in the center of the page there is another repeating group set to display the Division of the Business of a data type ‘division’ and the number of people (the impact score) is displayed for each division dependent on which role is selected?

What is the connection (not through database set up but in how the data interact)? How does a role have different divisions and how does a role impact a division differently?

Understanding the real life scenarios of how the data interacts and is ultimately created would help to understand how the database should be structured and therefore how to get the repeating groups to connect in with each other.

From this it seems like it is simply a matter of getting the text element that is displaying the impact score to take the data selection from the ‘role’ repeating group and the business division and use them as constraints in a search…if that is the case, make it so that the role, once selected is stored somewhere (custom state) and then use it in the constraint of the text.

I don’t think the repeating group in the center of the page is supposed to be setup to be of type ‘impact score’ and instead it would be type ‘division’ so that you text search would be ‘do a search for impact score constraint role = custom state value and division = current cells division’

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Thanks a lot @boston85719 for the detailed insight.

I was able to achieve the desired effect using a repeatinggroup as the master group then nesting a role repeatinggroup inside (with an added bit of extra group trickery to store reference data).

Have solved it now.