Complexe queries

Hi I would like to query the database to display it in frontend.
I have a table client (last_name, first_name) and a table product (name, client).
I would like to search for a client (I have a textfield input) and display all products related.
My problem is when I want to build more complex query like
Show me all product when client first_name or client last_name is equal to “search value”.
I can do it for first_name or last_name but not for both together.
Thank you

Hi @sofianekorbi,

I recommend using the plugin Search & Autocorrect from No Code co.
It allows you to make a fuzzy search on your database and more specifically to search multiple fields of a given object (ie. Search for User either with their first name or last name)

Link to the plugin :



Hi @arthur.kieffer , very interesting ! I’ll install it and test it.
I’ll give you a feedback.
Thank you !