Composite data question

I am trying to build a 99designs type clone and struggling in the following area.

  • a client adds 3 design competitions (data type “Competition”) to the database
  • each Competition receives 10 design entries (data type “Entry”)

when building the client dashboard, how do you link Entry to Competition and then filter the 30 entries by the competitions they are associated with?

Hello @maxb and welcome to the community!

Suggested dB structure

Title (text)
Entries (list of entries)

Title (text)


Create a page named dashboard
Set it to be of type “competition “
Among various elements like a header etc etc … add a repeating group to list your entries
Set the rg type to be “entry” and set it’s data source to be a search of current page’s competition’ entries

When you navigate from the origin page where you chose a competition entry … make sure to send that competition object via the “go to page” action where there is a box to send data and choose the competition entry that you want to see on your competition page.

The above is just an illustrated example of how this could be done. Of course, you can do it in many different ways.

This should get you started and hope it helps a bit :grinning:

thanks you! however, you lost me at this part. who is “you”, what do you mean “chose a competition entry that you want to see on your competition page.”?

remember, i want to see them all filtered by Competition.

thanks again!

It is a light reference to not knowing how a user at origin chooses an entry.

It is ok. At the end of the day he will be able to choose one through a UI that makes it easy for him so that once his decision is made he will be taken to the next page.

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