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Composite fields and one to many relation - Help

Hello there,

I am having hard time figuring out how to use Composite fields within my app. The structure of the database is the following:

I have two tables Profiles and Links

At the moment, every profile has an uniqueID and can create new Links
In the Links table, I have a field called owner and I assign this uniqueID of the profile that created it
Then on the front end, I display both the profile and the links

So far so good, but this has to do 2 requests on the frontend, one to fetch the profile and one to fetch the links for the repeating group.

I found a similar app, where the array of links is coming along with the profile object and I believe this is configured with the Composite Fields. The profile table must have field called Links (list of linkses) that references the Links table.

My questions is, if I have a field in the Profile table - multiple items, type Links, how does bubble make the relation? Is it by creator email?

How can I create and fetch links to the Profile while only using the Composite field Links in the Profiles table, without having to interact with the Links table itself?

Any help is appreciated.